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Scrawled Out Timeline is a powerful timeline of anxiety, perfectionism, grief, and all of life's punches. It can feel like we can't breathe, but Thompson does a good job of reminding her readers how to find hope in the scrawled out mess of our lives.

Scrawled Out Timeline is a breathless collection of poems that travels through time. This impactful collection of poems is split by four years. Each section tells a little more about the story of the struggles we all experience in our lives. They cut into your soul and make you think over the events of your own life. This collection is told from a girl growing up and what it means to be real with herself and those around her even in the midst of pain.

It teaches you how to hold on to the memories that fly by so quickly. Thompson drives her point home, again and again, no matter the circumstance, no matter the grief... hope can be found in the scrawled out timeline of lives, the memories we hold onto.
Each moment digs a hole in our souls. Each moment of life, of love, of pain, deserves a moment to be recognized.

Scrawled Out Timeline - Poetry Collection

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