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A Legend of Light

A teen fantasy series where the lies of worthlessness are revealed and where orphans become kings and queens.

Worthlessness can creep into our thoughts, hearts, and actions when we look in the mirrior and are certain that our imperfection will be our doom. We cover up the messy, broken parts of our soul and try to act like worthlessness doesn't bite at our ankles. More often than not our hearts gape with lonliness as we feel like orphanes without a home. We ache for worth and try to find it in ourselves, in our successes, and sometimes even in our darkest failures. The Legend of Light is a series about orphanes finding home, worthlessness finding worth, and the crown all God's children wear.

Follow Selah Roux, and her group of friends, at Spero, a magical school that doubles as an orphanage, as she fights for the the truth of her worth and that of her classmates as she uncovers secret societies, and a history of a people that would rather have power, than truth.

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