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The Halycon Epics

Epic YA Fantasy series in which light prevails when darkness seems to be all consuming.

Darkness surrounds us on all sides, confusion creeps on our doorstep, and it feels like it’s a lost cause. We feel like we are the lost cause, and are simply a burden to bear. However, these ideas are just lies, but they can be easy to believe when one turns to the news and sees hopelessness for the hundredth time. It feels easier to give up than pick yourself up off the floor and fight. The Halycon Epics is a tale about people learning to get off the floor, pick up a sword, find strength in Someone beyond themselves, and learn how to fight. Because the ultimate rebellion is not letting the pain win. Darkness and loneliness want attention so badly, so what if there was a story about exposing their already dying demise? This series is about learning that strength is not our own, finding companionship, friendship, and love, when loneliness tells you that will never happen, learning to fight for truth in a world that seems to have lost its way, and ultimately finding hope when there only seems to be darkness.

Join Emma and Liam in this four-book epic fantasy series as they must confront the ghosts that haunt their pasts, the darkness that creeps closer to their present, and the bloodshed that may define their future, as they learn what strength means, how friendship is found, and the price of truth in the end.

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