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This post will cover the most common and pressing questions about # ProtectCleanFictions' mission, heart, and purpose.

Common Questions that are asked about #ProtectCleanFiction

Why the word "protect?"


This is a wonderful question! Oftentimes, readers feel like the world of closed-door, sweet, clean - whatever word you use to describe these types of romances - is fading, and their options become smaller and smaller. We use the word protect to assure our readers, authors, and businesses that we prize and honor "clean" fiction. It is not because we think that there are masterminds trying to destroy closed-door fiction.


Why the word "Clean?"


Clean is a common term used by book social media influencers and readers alike when describing a closed-door, sexually non-graphic book. It is not because we think any other book that does not fit exactly into our guidelines is dirty and thus needs to be outlawed immediately. In fact, we are a firm believer in personal choice. That is why the guidelines so people may have educated knowledge about the book they are picking up.


Do we believe sex is dirty?


#ProtectCleanFiction does not believe that sex is dirty; we believe that porn which is explicit sexual content in any form, is dirty, mostly because it sabotages your brain and plays dirty. If you wish to learn more about how porn affects your brain you can read: here.


If you believe in personal choice why do you say "smut" or open-door romance is bad?


Part of having an educated opinion is knowing all the facts. You can learn about porn and decide what to do from there. Please, do not take this community and our resources as a dictator to your personal choices. This community is for those who wish for an abundance of closed-door recommendations knowing that their standards will be upheld. #ProtectCleanFiction will never bully, harass, or shame someone who reads open-door romance or the more common vernacular, "smutty" fiction. We believe there is always grace for everyone we disagree with, and we will never call out specific books, authors, or social media influencers. If porn or "smut" is referenced it will be on its own without any particular titles attached. This is because we believe porn is dangerous not because we wish to shame a group of people who read it.


Are you only an education site?


NO! This is supposed to be a reader's paradise where they can find authors whom they love, new books to obsess over, and bookish paraphernalia galore! Educating people on the dangers of porn ranks low on what #ProtectCleanFiction is about.



What is your rating system?


It is simple, we have three guidelines which are 1. No sex scenes, 2. No clothes coming off, 3. No excessive lust which is easily defined as explicit descriptions of what one character may sexually do to another character. We believe in straightforward guidelines that will not confuse our authors or readers. These guidelines are our promise to every book we ever recommend and every book that bears our stamp of approval.


Does "Clean" mean no cursing?


Our rating system does not guarantee that there will be no cursing. I'm sorry for any inconvenience.


Does "Clean" mean the books are religious?


Not necessarily; if a book has religion whether Christianity or otherwise, it will always be disclosed; all religious books may be clean, but not all clean books may be religious.


How do I sign up?

There is no official "sign-up" for readers, social-media influencers, and ambassadors. This is because there is nothing you explicitly NEED to become any of the listed above. It's based on the honor system. We do have a pledge you sign, but that is for your personal needs and does not need to be sent back to us. We wish to inspire people to take this cause up on their own without any extra hoops.

We would love to see people using the #protectcleanfiction hashtag and have it in their bios as a show of dedication, but that would be the only way we would keep "track" of whose who.

However, if you are an author, we will require you to fill out the author form that can be found here. This is so we can vet every book so that it may either be approved or denied.





We hope this answers some of your most burning questions about our mission and purpose. Please do not hesitate to reach out and ask any other questions you may have.

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